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Petites Images - small stories, big impact
Petites Images is an independent Rotterdam based production and facilities company.
We deliver documentaries for television and radio, audio books, e-books, DVD's and rent out film and audio equipment.
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Alice in Wonderland audiobook
Alice in Wonderland
Boomers - DVD
Boomers - DVD
Pierre Bayle et Rotterdam

De Kleine Prins audiobook op stick
De Kleine Prins on stick
Alice in Wonderland audiobook op stick
Alice in Wonderland on stick
Petites Images Viewing Facility
Petites Images Viewing Facility

It may be 'petite' but the image is BIG!
Film clip The Waterman Files, a documentary about the work and life of Dr. Ronald Waterman. MS.C, civil engineer, scientist and politician, Dr. Waterman has dedicated his life to the protection of vulnerable coastlines via a ‘soft’ technique called Building with Nature. The Waterman Files tells the story of a man, who, dogged by and armed with towering files, single-mindedly persevered and finally found recognition.
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